Lynkup Transport Corp. is a transportation company that depends on growth and is very passionate about the people whom we serve daily, locally, and nationwide. We believe, teach, live, and practice excellence in every facet of our business. You are valuable to us and that’s why we are so passionate about the superior services we provide. When you ride with us, you can be assured that you are treated with appreciation, dignity, and a sense of belonging.
At Lynkup, we are committed to creating an effecting dynamic and positive changes for our towns, cities, and states as we aid in creating jobs, minimize job losses, as well as by promoting transportation equity and availability through shared rides, food delivery, grocery delivery, and a vast number of other services. 
We are so happy to be the top rideshare company in the Abilene transportation industry! If you need our services, please please give us a call at (325) 864-0535!

Welcome to Lynkup
Transport Corp.

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Lynkup Marketing

Lynkup marketing is ready to work with your company no matter the size of your company. We are able to aid in creating a new marketing platform or creating and designing shirts or flyers. 


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Motherboard Installation